Plenary Keynotes

Tuesday, April 9

5:10 PLENARY KEYNOTE: Chemical Biology of Proteostasis

Jack Taunton, PhD, Professor, Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology, University of California San Francisco

We have recently discovered several macrocyclic compounds that potently and selectively modulate protein homeostasis. I will discuss our recent efforts to unravel their molecular mechanisms.

Thursday, April 11


New Ways of Targeting K-Ras

Frank McCormick, PhD, Professor, HDF Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of California San Francisco

Efforts to find drugs that bind K‐Ras directly have increased recently, enabled by NMR‐based fragment screening, di-sulfide tethering, in silico drug design and biophysical methods such as Second Harmonic Generation (SHG). We will report progress on attacking two sites in the K‐Ras protein; cysteine‐185 (the site of prenylation), and histidine‐95, a residue unique to K‐Ras, to develop covalent K‐Ras inhibitors, as well as compounds identified by SHG and other methods.