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Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 18th Annual

Fragment-Based Drug Discovery

Small Molecule Hits to Leads to Drug Candidates via FBDD

APRIL 11 - 12, 2023


Fragment-based lead discovery is now integral to many hit-finding screening campaigns in drug discovery and in some cases fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD) approaches have catalyzed progress against difficult targets such as KRAS. At the oldest ‘fragment-focused’ conference in the drug discovery industry, converge with medicinal chemistry colleagues to hear the latest successes and discuss remaining challenges. Learn examples of integrating fragment-based screens with other lead generation approaches. Hear fragment-to-drug stories from medicinal chemists who initiated such projects. Discuss traditional challenges of growing fragments into leads. And strategize about the latest: fragment-enabled targeted protein degradation (TPD) approaches.

6:00 pm MONDAY, APRIL 10: Dinner Short Course*
SC2: Fragment-Based Drug Design: Advancing Tools and Technologies

*Premium Pricing or separate registration required. See Short Courses page for details.

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Cambridge Healthtech Institute

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