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Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 5th Annual

Small Molecule Immuno-Modulators

Towards Anti-Cancer and Autoimmunity Therapies with Oral-Bioavailability Potential

APRIL 2 - 3, 2024


Activating or dampening the immune system with small molecules is the focus of Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Small Molecule Immuno-Modulators conference. The promise of a pill, which small molecule-based therapeutics can provide, eludes the recently successful biologics-based therapies for immuno-oncology or autoimmune conditions. But more importantly, larger antibody-based therapies cannot reach the many intracellular targets being revealed by scientists as key for the immune system to reach its full potential. Many of these immune-system related targets are protein complexes which have typically been difficult to drug by small molecules because the protein-protein interaction (PPI) targets have flat surfaces. However, with the advent of new approaches such as targeted protein degradation (TPD), the drug discovery field is ripe with pill-potential drug leads. Join medicinal chemistry colleagues to share strategies and stay abreast of progress in modulating the immune system for therapeutic benefit.

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Anjani Shah, PhD

Senior Conference Director and Lead Content Director for Drug Discovery Chemistry

Cambridge Healthtech Institute

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Kristin Skahan

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