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Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 19th Annual

Fragment-Based Drug Discovery

Fragment-Based Lead Design (FBLD) for New Small Molecule Therapeutic Candidates

APRIL 2 - 3, 2024


Fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD) approaches have proven fruitful for finding new drug candidates, especially against non-enzymatic intracellular targets such as protein-protein interactions (PPIs), including molecular glues, that lack a typical pocket for an inhibitor to bind within. Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Fragment-Based Drug Discovery conference covers the latest refinements to fragment libraries, innovations in biophysical approaches for screening fragment hits, and case studies of growing a fragment hit into a drug lead and beyond. The challenges of integrating information from other lead generation approaches like DNA-encoded libraries, and other timely topics, will also be on the agenda and/or part of discussions with fellow medicinal chemists.

6:00 pm MONDAY, APRIL 1: Dinner Short Course*
SC2: Fragment-Based Drug Design: Advancing Tools and Technologies

*Premium Pricing or separate registration required. See Short Courses page for details.

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Anjani Shah, PhD

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Cambridge Healthtech Institute

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