Record Attendance - More than 500 Participants Expected (partial list as of 4/11/14)

A STAR, Project Leader & Sr Scientist
A STAR, Scientist, Organic Chemistry
A STAR, Sr Research Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
AbbVie Inc, Senior Scientist, Discovery Chemistry and Technologies
AbbVie Inc, Senior Scientist III, Medical Chemistry Technology
AbbVie Inc, Sr Scientist II, Global Protein Science
AbbVie Inc, Sr Scientist III, Molecular Modeling
ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters, Managing Editor
Active Motif Inc, Product Mgr
AIBioTech, Bus Dev Dir
AIBioTech, Sr Research Scientist
Aileron Therapeutics Inc, Distinguished Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Ajinomoto Co Ltd, Sr Researcher
Albany Molecular Research Inc, Bus Dev Mgr
Albany Molecular Research Inc, Sr Dir Medicinal Chemistry
Albert Ludwigs University, Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics
Alchemia Pty Ltd, CSO
Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc, Dir Research Informatics
Allergan Inc, Sr Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
American Peptide Co Inc, Account Exec
American Peptide Co Inc, Dir Sales
Amgen Inc, Principal Scientist, Therapeutic Discovery
Amgen Inc, Sr Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Analyticon Discovery GmbH, Head, Medicinal Chemistry II
AnalytiCon Discovery LLC, Exec VP Bus Dev
AnalytiCon Discovery LLC, IP & Counceling
AnaSpec Inc
Arizona State University, Grad Research Assoc, Biodesign
Arizona State University, Postdoc Research Assoc, Biodesign
Arizona State University, Postdoc Research Assoc, Ctr for Bioenergetics & Biodesign Institute
Array BioPharma Inc, Research Scientist
Asahi Kasei Corp, Mgr, CVC Ofc
Asahi Kasei Pharma Co Ltd, Researcher, Laboratory for Medicinal Chemistry
ASINEX, Proj Mgr
Astellas Pharma Inc, Assoc Dir Drug Discovery Research
Astellas Pharma Inc, Sr Researcher, Drug Discovery Research
Astex Pharmaceuticals, Assoc Dir Computational Chemistry
AstraZeneca, Medicinal Chemist, CVGI
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Principal Scientist & Team Leader, Discovery Sciences Chemistry Innovation Ctr
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Sr Scientist, Chemistry
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Sr Scientist
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Sr Scientist Discovery Sciences, Chemistry Innovation Ctr
Atlantic Cancer Research Institute, Research Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
aTyr Pharma Inc, VP External Scientific Alliances
Aurigene Discovery Technologies Ltd, Research Dir, Medicinal Chemistry
Bayer HealthCare AG
Beactica AB, Prof
Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Deputy Sr Researcher
Bio Rad Labs, Field Application Scientist
Bio Rad Labs, Sales Mgr
BioFire Defense, Dir Bus Dev
BioFire Defense, Product Mgr
Biogen Idec Inc, Principal Scientist, Physical Biochemistry
Biogen Idec Inc, Sr Scientist, Computational Chemistry
BioSeek Inc, Sr Dir Research Biology
Biotage LLC, Chemist, Applications
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma, Dir Medicinal Chemistry
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma, Medicinal Chemistry
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma, Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Boston University, Assoc Prof Pharmacology & Medicine, Cancer Research Ctr
Bristol Myers Squibb Co, Chemist
Bristol Myers Squibb R&D Co, Sr Research Investigator I, Discovery Assays
Broad Institute, Dir Medicinal Chemistry, Stanley Ctr for Psychiatric Research
Broad Institute, Grp Leader, Chemical Biology
Broad Institute, Research Scientist
C&C Research Labs, Principal Research Scientist
C&C Research Labs, Sr Researcher
Carmot Therapeutics Inc, Co Founder & President
Celgene Avilomics Research, Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Celgene Avilomics Research, Sr Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Celgene Corp, Sr Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
CHDI Foundation Inc, Dir, Medicinal Chemistry
ChemBridge Corp, Exec Dir Sales & Marketing
Chemical Computing Grp Inc, Principal Scientist & Dir Scientific Support
Chemical Computing Grp Inc, Sr Applications Scientist
Chemical Computing Grp Inc
ChemoCentryx Inc, Sr Dir Molecular Pharmacology
China Medical University, Assoc Prof, Chinese Pharmacuetical Sciences & Med Resources
Chugai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry Research
CISbio Intl, Leader, Epigenetic Grp & R&D
Cisbio US Inc, Sales Mgr
City University of New York, Grad Student, Chemistry
Cleave Biosciences, Dir Chemistry
Collaborative Drug Discovery Inc, Consultant
College of New Jersey, Asst Prof, Chemistry
Constellation Pharmaceuticals, Sr Dir Medicinal Chemistry
Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc, Chemist
Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc, Sr Scientist II
Curplyx, Bus Dev Dir
Cytec Industries Inc, Global Marketing Mgr
Cytokinetics Inc, Sr Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Daiichi Sankyo Co Ltd, Researcher, R&D Venture Science Lab
Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma, Medicinal Chemist, DSP Cancer Institute
Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma, Sr Research Scientist, Chemistry Research Labs
Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Research Fellow, Medicine
Dart NeuroScience LLC, Assoc Dir Chemistry, Structure-Guided Chemistry
Dart NeuroScience LLC, Assoc Scientist, Structure-Guided Chemistry
Dart NeuroScience LLC, Dir Structural Biology
Dart NeuroScience LLC, Scientist I, Lead Discovery
Dart NeuroScience LLC, Scientist II, Lead Discovery
Dart NeuroScience LLC, Scientist II, Structural Biology
Dart NeuroScience LLC, Scientist III, Lead Discovery
DE Shaw Research
DGMIF Daegu Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation, Principal Researcher
DGMIF Daegu Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation, Sr Researcher, Drug Development Ctr
DiscoveRx Corp, Sr Dir R&D
Dotmatics Ltd
Duke University, Asst Prof, Medicine
Eisai Research Institute, Scientist, Discovery Chemistry
Eisai Research Institute, Sr Principal Scientist, Integrated Chemistry
Elan Pharmaceuticals, Sr VP Global Research
Eli Lilly & Co, Chemist, Medicinal Chemistry
Eli Lilly & Co, Consultant, Competitive Intelligence
Eli Lilly & Co, Consultant Chemist, Fragment Based Drug Discovery
Eli Lilly & Co, Principal Research Scientist, Structural Biology
Eli Lilly & Co, Research Advisor & Grp Leader
Eli Lilly & Co, Sr Research Scientist, Discovery Chemistry
Eli Lilly & Co, Sr Research Scientist, Discovery Chemistry Research & Tech
Eli Lilly & Co, Sr Scientist, Protein Engineering
EMD Serono, Scientist, Chemistry
EMD Serono R&D Institute Inc, Dir & Head, Cellular & Translational Immunology
EMD Serono R&D Institute Inc, Sr Principal Scientist, Chemistry
EMD Serono R&D Institute Inc, Sr Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
EMD Serono R&D Institute Inc, Sr Scientist, Molecular Pharmacology
Enamine LLC, Dir
ENANTA Pharmaceuticals Inc, Associate director, R&D
Ensemble Therapeutics, CSO
EpiTherapeutics ApS, Dir, Discovery
ETH Zurich, Chemistry & Pharma
Evotec Inc, Project Leader, Discovery Chemistry
Evotec Inc, VP Bus Dev
Ewha Womans University, Prof, Pharmaceutical Sciences
F Hoffmann La Roche Inc, Sr Research Leader, PR&D Discovery Chemistry
Ferring Research Institute, Scientist, Pharmacology
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Ctr, Dir, Peptide Drug Discovery Initiative
Galapagos NV, Sr Therapeutic Area Lead & Project Dir, Auto Immune Disease
Galderma, Researcher & Team Leader, Dermatology Research
GE Healthcare, Market Dev Mgr, Label Free Interaction Analysis
Genentech Inc, Dir Medicinal Chemistry
Genentech Inc, Scientist, Drug Discovery
Genentech Inc, Sr Scientist, Discovery Chemistry
Genentech Inc, Sr Scientist, Early Discovery Biochemistry
Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation, Dir Medicinal Chemistry
Georgia State University, Research Computing Specialist, IT
Gilead Sciences Inc, Assoc Dir Research
Gilead Sciences Inc, Dir Medicinal Chemistry
Gilead Sciences Inc, Research Scientist, Med Chem
Gilead Sciences Inc, Research Scientist
Gilead Sciences Inc, Research Scientist II, Medicinal Chemistry
GlaxoSmithKline, Grp Leader
GlaxoSmithKline, Investigator, Fragment Based Drug Discovery Grp
GlaxoSmithKline, Research Chemist, Therapeutic Peptide
GlaxoSmithKline, Sr Scientific Investigator, Immuno-Inflammation Medicinal Chem
Glaxosmithkline R&D China, Sr Scientist, NI DPU
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd, GM, Biological Research
GVK Biosciences, Bus Dev
GVK Biosciences, Informatics
H3 Biomedicine Inc, Principal Investigator, Medicinal Chemistry
Harvard Medical School, Research Fellow, Bioinformatics
HitGen Ltd, VP
Imperial College London, Scientist
Imperial College London, Sr Lecturer Synthetic Chemistry Research Grp
Institute of Cancer Research, Medicinal Chemistry
IntelliSyn, Dir Chemistry
Intl Islamic University Malaysia, Asst Prof, Basic Medical Sciences
Inventiva, Chemist Expert Scientist
Inventiva, Head, Chemistry
Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc, Assoc Scientific Dir Discovery Sciences
Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc, Sr Dir
Janssen R&D LLC, Assoc Scientific Dir Medicinal Chemistry
Janssen R&D LLC, Principal Research Scientist
Janssen R&D LLC, Principal Scientist, Janssen Incubator
Janssen R&D LLC, Scientific Dir Antibody Drug Discovery
Janssen R&D LLC, Scientist, Discovery Sciences
Japan Tobacco Inc, Research Scientist, Pharmaceutical Frontier Research Labs
Japan Tobacco Inc, Sr Research Scientist, Central Pharmaceutical Research Institute
Johnson & Johnson, Principal Scientist
Johnson & Johnson Biologics Research, Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry & Immunology
Johnson & Johnson Medical (Shanghai) Ltd, Head, Medicinal Chemistry
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical R&D, Immunology & Medicinal Chemistry
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical R&D, Sr Assoc Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical R&D, Sr Scientist, Computer Aided Drug Design
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical R&D, Sr Scientist, Structural Biology
JT Central Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Sr Mgr, Project & Portfolio
Kainos Medicine Inc, Medicinal Chemistry
Kalexsyn Inc
Karolinska Institute, Postdoc, Microbiology Tumor & Cell Biology
Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc, VP Preclinical Dev & Product Leadership
Key Organics Ltd, Mgr
King Saud University, Assoc Prof, Biology & Pharmacognosy
King Saud University, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
King Saud University, Prof, Pharmacognosy
Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP, Partner
Kyung Hee University, Prof, Pharmacology
La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology, Postdoctoral Fellow, Inflammation Biology
Leidos Biomedical Research Inc, Sr Scientist
LEO Pharma AS, Principal Research Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry Research
LEO Pharma AS, Research Scientist, Med Chem
Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Dir Discovery Technologies
Life Chemicals Inc, Screening Compound Libraries
Lundbeck, Principal Scientist, Med Chem
Lundbeck, Sr Research Scientist
Martin Consulting, Principal
Mayo Clinic, Asst Prof, Neuroscience
MBL Intl, Program Mgr, Research Products
Medivation Inc, Associate director, Medicinal Chemistry
Medivation Inc, Dir Medicinal Chemistry
Medivir AB, Assoc Dir, Medicinal Chemistry
Meiji Seika Pharma Co Ltd, Chief Researcher, Pharmaceutical Research Ctr
Merck, Assoc Principal Scientist, Discovery Chemistry
Merck, Medicinal Chemist
Merck, Sr Research Chemist
Merck & Co, Assoc Principal Scientist, Screening Ops
Merck & Co, Sr Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Merck & Co Inc, Assoc Prin Sci, Screening and Protein Science
Merck KGaA, Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Merck Research Labs, Chemical Research
Merck Research Labs, Exec Dir Discovery Chemisty
Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corp, Sr Research Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry Research Lab II Dept I
Mochida Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Sr Scientist, Discovery Research
Morehouse School Of Medicine, Assoc Prof, Microbiology & Biochemistry & Immunology
MorphoSys AG, Sr Scientist
Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology, Adjunct Prof
Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology, Professor
NanoTemper Technologies, Dir Sales & Marketing
Natl Institute Of Chemistry, Prof, Medicinal Chemistry
Natl Taiwan University, Dean for R&D & Distinguished Prof, Medicinal Chemistry
Natl Taiwan University, Postdoc, Ctr for Innovative Therapeutics Discovery
Natl Taiwan University, PostDoc
Natl Taiwan University, Postdoc Fellow, School of Pharmacy
Natl Taiwan University, Research Assoc, Chemistry
Nektar Therapeutics Inc, staff scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Netherlands Translational Research Ctr NTRC, Head, Medicinal Chemistry
NIH NCI, Sr Scientist, Leidos Biomedical Research
North Carolina State University, Lecturer
Norwegian University of Science & Tech, Biotechnology
NovAliX, CEO
Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research Inc, Head, Computer Aided Drug Discovery
Novartis Pharma AG, Head, Chemistry
Novartis Pharma AG, PostDoc Fellow, Global Discovery Chemistry
Nuevolution AS, CIO
Nuevolution AS, Research Scientist
Oncodesign SA, CSO, Discovery
OnTarget Chemistry
Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc, Assoc Dir Medicinal Chemistry
OpenEye Scientific Software Inc, Account Mgr
OpenEye Scientific Software Inc, Grp Leader, Applications Science
OpenEye Scientific Software Inc, Sr VP Research
Orion Corp, Research Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Pepscan, CSO
Pfizer Global R&D, Assoc Research Fellow, Integrative Biology & Biochemistry
Pfizer Global R&D, Sr Research Fellow
Pfizer Inc, Principal Scientist, Primary Pharmacology
Pfizer Research Labs, Principal Scientist, Biotherapeutics Chemistry
PharmaCore Inc, Dir Bus Dev
PharmaCore Inc, President
Pharmacyclics Inc, Chief of Oncology Operations & Alliances
Pharmacyclics Inc, Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
PheneX Pharmaceuticals AG, Dir Medicinal Chemistry
Philipps University Marburg, Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
PolyPeptide Labs, Account Mgr
PolyPeptide Labs, GMP Custom Peptides
Polyphor Ltd, Head, Medicinal Chemistry
Polyphor Ltd, Head, Technology Platforms
Prestwick Chemical, VP US Operations
Principia BioPharma Inc, Dir Chemistry
Promega Corp, Sr Research Scientist, R&D Functional Proteomics
Protagonist Therapeutics Inc, CSO
Protein Technologies Inc, Applications
Protein Technologies Inc, Chemist
Purdue University, Graduate Research Asst, Medicinal Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology
Purdue University, Graduate Student, Medicinal Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology
Quanticel Pharmaceuticals, CEO
QuantumBio Inc, GM
RA Pharmaceuticals Inc, Scientist, Lead ID & Drug Discovery
RA Pharmaceuticals Inc, Scientist II, Medicinal Chemistry
Reaction Biology Corp, CSO
Reaction Biology Corp, Marketing Coordinator
RedX Oncology, Sr Scientist & Project Leader, Medicinal Chemistry
Reichert Technologies, Chief Scientist
Reichert Technologies, Field Application Scientist
ReVance Therapuetics Inc, Sr Mgr, Research
Rigel Pharmaceuticals Inc, VP Medicinal Chemistry
Roche, Sr Scientist, Med Chem
Roche NimbleGen Inc, Dir, Innovation Technologies
Roche NimbleGen Inc, Sr Scientist
Salman bin Abdulaziz University, Asst Prof, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Sanofi, Chemistry
Sanofi, Principal Research Scientist
Sanofi, Sr Research Assoc
sanofi Grp, Dir Medicinal Chemistry, Oncology
Santen Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Sr Researcher, Pharmaceutical Dev
Schrodinger Inc, VP
Schrodinger Inc, VP Applications Science
Science for Solutions LLC, President
Scripps Research Institute, Assoc Prof, Chemistry
Scripps Research Institute, Assoc Prof, Integral Structural & Computational Biology
Scripps Research Institute, Asst Prof, Molecular Biology
Scripps Research Institute, Scientist, Molecular Experimental Medicine
Selcia Ltd, Bus Dev Consultant
Selcia Ltd, Grp Leader, Discovery
SensiQ Technologies Inc
Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Research Scientist, Drug Discovery Ctr
Shanghai Medicilon Inc, Head & VP US Bus Dev
Simulations Plus Inc, Research Fellow, Life Sciences
Simulations Plus Inc, Team Leader, ADMET Cheminformatics
Single Technologies, CEO
Sirius Analytical Instruments Ltd, CSO
St Jude Childrens Research Hospital, Postdoctoral Research Assoc, Structural Biology
Stony Brook University Hospital, Asst Prof, Pediatrics
Structural Genomics Consortium, Epigenetic Project Mgr, NDM
Structural Genomics Consortium, Team Leader
Sun Pharma Advanced Research Co, GM, Organic Synthesis
Sygnature Discovery Ltd, CEO
Sygnature Discovery Ltd, Dir Research Mgmt, Medicinal Chemistry
Sygnature Discovery Ltd, Sr VP Bus Dev & Dir
Synthonix, Bus Dev Mgr
Synthonix, CoFounder & President & CEO
TaiGen Biotechnology Co Ltd, Sr VP, Research
Taiho Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Medicinal Chemist
Takeda California, Principal Scientist, Medicinal chemistry
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Assoc Dir, Pharmaceutical Research
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Assoc Dir Cardiovascular & Metabolic Drug Discovery
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry Research Lab
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Principal Scientist, Pharmaceutical Res Div
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Principal Scientist, Pharmaceutical Research
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Principal Scientist, Pharmaceutical Research
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Researcher, Pharmaceutical Research & Biomolecular Rsrch Labs
Takeda San Diego, Dir Immunology Chemistry
Takeda San Diego, Dir Medicinal Chemistry
Takeda San Diego, Medicinal Chemistry
Takeda San Diego, Sr Scientist
Teijin Pharma Ltd, Research Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry Research
Teva Pharmaceuticals, Head, Discovery Research
Thapar University, PhD Student, SCBC
Theravance Inc, Dir MCB, MCN
Theravance Inc, VP Medicinal Chemistry
Theravance Inc, VP Molecular & Cellular Biology
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Specialist, Discovery Chemical
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Research Scientist
Tufts University, Graduate Student, Chemistry
Tufts University, Postdoc Assoc, Chemistry
UMR CNRS 5180, Researcher, Biomolecular NMR
University de la Republica, Prof, Medicinal & Organic Chemistry
University of Aberdeen, PhD student, Chemistry
University of British Columbia, PhD Candidate, Neuroscience
University of California San Diego, Project Scientist, Moores Cancer Ctr
University of California San Francisco, Assoc Prof Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Sandler Neuroscience Ctr
University of California San Francisco, PostDoc Scholar, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
University of California San Francisco, Prof & Chair, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
University Of California Santa Cruz, Prof Chemistry & Biochemistry, Physical & Biological Sciences
University of Cambridge, Graduate Student
University of Cambridge, Postdoc & Graduate Student, Chemistry
University Of Chicago, Postdoc Scholar, Biochemistry Mol Bio
University Of Colorado Boulder, Asst Prof, Chemistry & Biochemistry
University Of Copenhagen, Asst Prof, Drug Design & Pharmacology
University of Freiburg, Prof Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics, Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Hyderabad, Prof Chemistry & Chemical Biology, DRILS
University of Malaya, Academician, Pharmacy & Medical Faculty
University of Malaya, Professor, Department of Chemistry
University of Malaya, Sr Lecturer, Pharmacy
University of Michigan, Asst Prof, Pathology
University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Asst Prof, Chemistry
University Of Montreal, Research Asst, IRIC
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Assoc Prof, Medicinal Chemistry
University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Postdoc, Pharmacology
University of Oxford, Lecturer, Organic Chemistry
University of Sherbrooke, Prof, Pharmacology
University of Southern California, Assoc Prof, Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Sciences & Chemistry
University of Strathclyde, Research Assoc, Pure & Applied Chemistry
University of Texas Dallas, Asst Prof, Pharmacology
University of Texas San Antonio, Assoc Prof, Molecular Medicine
University of the Pacific, Assoc Prof, Pharmaceutics & Medicinal Chemistry
University of the Philippines, Assoc Prof, Physical Sciences & Mathematics
University of Torino, Asst Prof, Medicinal Chemistry
University of Toronto, SRA, Structural Genomic Consortium
University of Tuebingen, Prof, Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry
University Of York, Prof, Structure Based Drug Discovery
Vapourtec Ltd
Vernalis Ltd, Research Fellow, Biology
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc, Research Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Vitas M Lab Ltd, Bus Dev Mgr
Vitas M Lab Ltd, Key Accounts Mgr
Vitas M Lab Ltd, Mgr
Vrije University Brussels, Head, Structural Biology Brussels Research Ctr
VU University Amsterdam, Prof, Medicinal Chemistry
Washington State University, Post Doc Researcher, Chemistry
Wichita State University, WSU Foundation Distinguished Prof, Chemistry
WuXi AppTec, Dir Bus Dev
X Chem Pharmaceuticals Inc, Dir Chemistry
X Chem Pharmaceuticals Inc, Sr Dir Lead Discovery
X Chem Pharmaceuticals Inc, VP Chemistry
Xavier University of Louisiana, Prof, Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences
Yuhan Corp, Principal Scientist, Innovation 1 Unit
Zealand Pharma AS, Head, Medicinal Chemistry
Zoetis, Assoc Dir VMRD
Zoetis, Assoc Research Fellow, Med Chem