Jack Szostak Previewed his Plenary Keynote from Drug Discovery Chemistry 2013


In a March 2013 interview, nobel laureate Dr. Jack Szostak shared his thoughts with Bio-IT World's Kevin Davies on evolutionary chemistry, cyclic peptides, discovery of new small molecules for therapeutics, his plenary keynote address, and much more. On April 16, at the Eighth Annual Drug Discovery Chemistry conference, Dr. Szostak presented mRNA Display: From Basic Principles to Macrocycle Drug Discovery.

Doug Treco Discusses Constrained Peptides and Macrocyclics


Dr. Doug Treco, president & CEO of Ra Pharmaceuticals, shares recent developments in constrained peptides, macrocyclics, and how to develop peptides into a more useful class of drug. Dr. Treco presented Direct Selection of Cyclomimetics™ from mRNA Display Libraries at the Eighth Annual Drug Discovery Chemistry conference in San Diego on April 17.